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Spring Challenge

April 1st - May 26th

There are some great prizes you can win this New Year, read below to see what it takes to win them.

All participants must have a membership to the 1st Phorm App. This allows me to track your workouts, diet, and progress.

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Buy In

There is a buy in of $35 per individual.

The buy in can be sent via Venmo, CashApp, ApplePay, Zelle, or cash.

If you would just like to buy this challenge's shirt, or want an extra, they are available for $10.

A tank top version of the shirt is available for $20 or a $10 upcharge on your buy in.


There are 5 categories you can win this challenge. Below are the categories and the requirements to win each.

Most Weight Lost

  1. Must submit weekly progress photo of the same scale used to measure weight
  2. Must log at least 2 workouts per week
  3. Must log food diligently
  4. Must complete ALL 8 weekly assessments

Most Strength Gained

  1. Show most improvement in Squat, Bench, Overhead Press, and Deadlift.
  2. Submit PR numbers from week 1 with video evidence
  3. Submit PR numbers from week 8 with video evidence
  4. PRs not using a 1RM will be calculated using the NASM 1RM calculator, which can be found here.
  5. Complete ALL 8 weekly assessments
  6. The winner will be the one with the greatest increase in total weight lifted

Fastest 10k

  1. Complete one 10K Race.
  2. Must compete in an official race with a publicly viewable official time to submit
  3. Must complete ALL 8 weekly assessments

Power Partners

  1. Privide weekly photo proof you worked out together that week
  2. Must take photos/a video together weekly to show progress. (Front, side, and back angles)
  3. Must complete ALL 8 weekly assessments
  4. Winners will be the pair with best visual improvement

Most Dedicated

  1. Attend as many gatherings and weekly group calls as possible
  2. Complete daily task list each day
  3. Must log a minimum of 3 workouts per week
  4. Must log food
  5. Must complete ALL 8 weekly assessments

The competition demands commitment, consistency, and active participation across various activities to achieve success in the respective categories.

Snag a wellnes stack and get excited. Here we go!

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We are currently working with our sponsors to determine what the prize pool will be. Check back later for the list of amazing prizes that can be won.

Meanwhile feel free to check out our amazing sponsors!

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